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5 Ways To Grow And Thicken Your Eyelashes

Who doesn’t dream of having long, dark, and thicker eyelashes? After all, long eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty. Nowadays, some women are ready to spend any amount of money on cosmetic products just to obtain naturally long lashes. So here are five safe and inexpensive tips for those who wish to achieve naturally thick and beautiful lashes.

1. Castor Oil


This product honestly worked wonders for me and hopefully will for you too. Castor oil is found to be very effective in growing and thickening lashes. It is a healing agent that prevents breakage of lashes and triggers lash growth in places that lacked lashes beforehand. Use this tip by first using a clean spoolie (or brush) to apply castor oil to the lashes before bed. Leave the oil on overnight and rinse off in the morning with water. Repeat this routine daily for 2-3 months to see results!

2. Aloe Vera


Along with many other benefits, aloe vera contains nutrients that aid in eyelash growth. Using a clean spoolie, apply fresh aloe vera gel on your eyelashes before bed. Leave the gel on overnight, then rinse off with warm water the next morning. Repeat this routine daily until you’re pleased with your lashes length.

3. Coconut Milk


Coconut milk can be very beneficial if used regularly. This protein rich substance is filled with essential fats that can help you enjoy the thicker and longer lashes you desire. Dip a cotton swab in cold coconut milk and apply it to your eyelashes. Leave the milk on for ten minutes and then rinse off with water. Repeat this routine daily for about 1-2 months for guaranteed results.

4. Lemon Peels In Castor Oil


While castor oil is beneficial on its own, lemon peels act as a hair growth agent. To make the solution you must cut the lemon peel into small pieces and soak in a 1/4 cup of castor oil for 2-3 days. Afterwards, take the remaining amount of oil and apply to your lashes before bed. Rinse the solution off with water the next morning and repeat daily for 2-3 months!

5. Green Tea

Glass cups with green tea and tea leaves isolated on white

Green tea is beneficial in many ways, hair and lash growth being one of them! Green tea contains flavonoids (plant chemicals) that can aid in the growth of your lashes. To use this tip you first must make a cup of unsweetened green tea, wait for it to cool down. Then use a cotton swab to apply the green tea to your eyelashes. Keep the tea on for fifteen minutes and rinse off with cool water. Repeat this daily in order to get the desired results!


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