What to Pack for a Weekend Skiing Trip

Winter is a great time to go on a holiday and go skiing. Now, packing light for a vacation is slightly more challenging to do in winter than it is in summer because you’ll be taking lots of big and bulky clothes that are necessary to keep you warm so you’ll want to really plan out what to take and what to leave so that you don’t end up carrying useless items and wasting precious luggage space. Here is a list of the must haves for a chic winter ski trip that might help you decide on what to take with you for this fun adventure.

  • DOWN JACKET – if there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget bringing along your ski trip, it’s a down jacket. Pick a down jacket in a nice and pretty color or an interesting print instead of going for just the generic black ones. This will make you stand out once you’re out there having fun skiing.
    Down Jacket for Women
  • MIRRORED SKI GOGGLES – I know you love your mirrored aviator sunnies but they’re not exactly ski-friendly so go get yourself a pair of cool mirrored ski goggles instead. Goggles are mandatory so you can have your eyes protected and the mirrored lenses will give your look a cool and edgy vibe.
    Mirrored Ski Goggles
  • WATERPROOF GLOVES – it’s important that you get gloves that are waterproof if you plan on going skiing. Otherwise, you’ll end up with soaked gloves and cold hands. Also try to look for a pair with hanging clips on them so you can clip them on to your jacket and they don’t come off while you’re on the slopes. To give it a chic look, you can embellish your gloves or look for a pair that has a neat print / pattern design on it.
    Water Proof Gloves are important for a skiing trip
  • SCARF – this is something that doesn’t necessarily have to be new or special for your skiing trip, If you already have a multitude of scarves at home, just take the warmest and cutest ones with you to help keep you warm on your trip.
    Winter Scarf
  • CHUNKY BEANIE – you’ll need your chunkiest, warmest beanie on your ski trip. You’ll also want it to be a pretty one so try a knitted one with a cute pattern or maybe even that personalized beanie your best friend gave you last Christmas.
    you’ll need your chunkiest, warmest beanie on your ski trip.
  • SNOW BOOTS – snow boots are heavy-duty ones that are meant to protect you from inch after inch of snow. If you’re looking for chic snow boots that will make you the most stylish skier or snowboarder out there, check out Sorel.
    Snow boots for women
  • SKI SUIT – not sure how to put together an outfit that’s fit for actual skiing? Save yourself the hassle and get a ski suit instead. You’ll be amazed at how these go from basic blacks to super chic and stylish ones.
    Womens ski suits





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