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How to Style a Puffer Coat


Bulky puffer coats can look really chic when styled right but if not, they can be super unflattering which is something that not anyone would ever want or aim for. If you’re someone who either gets cold quickly or if you live somewhere where the temps tend to drop real low, a puffer coat would make a great addition to your closet. The way it makes you feel all warm and cozy is enough to make you want to make it work for you. If you’ve been dying to wear a puffer coat but have been holding off because you’re not sure one would look good on your, check out these tips on how to style a puffer coat.

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  • ACCENTUATE YOUR WAIST – the thing about puffer coats is that they’re bulky, chunky and shapeless so it’s understandable that many women who don’t want any more inches around their waist are thrown off at wearing them. The key to making a puffer coat look flattering is to create a nice silhouette with it by cinching it with a belt and accentuating your waist. You can simply use any belt you have that you think would look nice with your puffer coat or you can get one that has a built in belt.How to style a puffer coat with COLOR, PRINT AND PATTERN PLAY
  • COLOR, PRINT AND PATTERN PLAY – don’t just settle for the usual puffer jacket, have fun with it! Go for a puffer coat that comes in a nice and bright color or one that has fun and pretty print and patterns. This could very well be your next cold weather statement piece, even. If you can’t find yourself a puffer coat that stands out enough, you can mix, match and layer it with other pieces that do instead for lots of contrast.Designer women's jackets and trends
  • GET IT QUILTED – afraid of ending up looking like the Michelin man in your puffer coat? If you really think you can’t pull off the traditional puffer coat, you can go for a one with a quilted seam instead. There are also other seam patterns like chevron and diagonals, all of which you can try out if you’re not into wearing anything horizontal.Women's Fur Winter Jackets
  • HAVE IT WITH FUR – the traditional puffer coat has a very casual, streetstyle-ish look to it but if you’re looking to dress it up, you can opt for a piece that has fur details and trimming on it. Fur always instantly adds a touch of elegance to any piece so if you want to go for a more posh look with your puffer coat, a furry one is the best way to go.
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  • KEEP THE REST OF THE OUTFIT SLIM – a good trick to making sure that you don’t look any heavier / chunkier while wearing a puffer coat is to keep the rest of your outfit’s silhouette slim. This means that you shouldn’t wear anything heavy or chunky other than the puffer coat itself.




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