Dress Codes Decoded

Being invited to a party with a dress code attached to it can give you a head start on what to wear to the event. However, it’s hard to know just what each category really means when there are so many different ways of telling your guests to dress up, but don’t dress up too much. Take a hint from these dress codes decoded when you’re getting ready for your next summer get-together!

Dress Codes Decoded 

Dressy Resort
Island chic, garden party, outdoor weddings…


Balancing fashion and function is the angle you want to come from when dressing in a dressy resort ensemble. Slipping into a comfortable maxi, a flowy sundress, or a cute shift with a splash of bright jewelry is the perfect place to start. If you’re celebrating in a tropical location, freel free to break out an exotic print and maybe tuck a flower behind your ear. Whether you’re headed to a beach wedding, novel rehearsal dinner, or an alfresco luncheon, ditch the heels, which will sink into the sand or grass. Instead, wedges, beaded sandals, or embellished ballet flats are posh enough for the occasion. Instead of black, pick white or a shade that plays up the natual surroundings – blue, coral, and yellow.


Dress Codes Decoded

Casual Chic
Dressy casual, smart casual, denim and diamonds…


To strike a chord between dressing up and dressing down, you’ll need to start with your weekend staples and layer on bits of glam in the details. Pair your jeans with a silky blouse and a heeled pair of booties or ornate flats. To look pulled together in jeans, you’ll want to stick to dark hues and fitted cuts. Sharpen your look with a tailored blazer and sparkling earrings. The goal is to look polished but not uptight, so a floral dress or pair of tailored pants with a bright cardigan also make the cut, particularly for a daily time function, like a bridal shower. When it’s a girl’s night out or a friend’s dinner party, feel free to get into a trendy jumpsuit or boldly printed pants.


Dress Codes Decoded

Come As You Are
Absolutely casual…


This kind of invitation does not actually mean come what you look like in your yoga pants after a long day of work, you’ll still have to put a little bit of effort into the mix. If you are going to a good friends for a casual dinner it’s totally acceptable to work the jeans and tee combo. However, it’s still worth putting on a little lip gloss and mascara, so you don’t look as if you actually just rolled out of bed. Think of something you would wear to lunch with a friend or a backyard BBQ with the neighbors – casual, comfortable, and presentable. Try pairing a tee with a bright cardigan and cute flats or going for a printed hoodie with some fashionable kicks.






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