How to Fashionably Wear Cropped Pants

Many women I know are turned off by cropped pants because they think it’s too ‘mom-ish’ to wear a pair but the truth is that a pair of cropped pants can be treated as a double edged sword which can either make you look fab or drab. Of course, no one wants to look drab so looking fab is the ultimate goal in dressing up every day and you can achieve that with cropped pants only if you know how to wear it. There are certain things to consider when looking for cropped pants to wear so you don’t end up looking stuck back in the 90s. Here are some tips on how to wear cropped pants the right way.

1. Find the right length – finding the right length for your cropped pants is important so that the piece flatters you instead of making you look short and your legs stubby. Of course, you won’t always find every single pair of cropped pants in the most ideal / perfect length but you can always fold it until you get the length for you. Because of this, it’s wiser to buy them longer, not shorter, if a pair you like isn’t the perfect length for you.

How to fashionably wear cropped pants

2. Pair with pointy shoes – pointy shoes are the most ideal style of shoes to wear when wearing cropped pants because they tend to elongate your legs and make them look longer so you can battle the risk of cropped pants making your legs look stubby and short. If you can, go for a pair of pointy toe shoes in a nude color closest to your skin tone to maximize the elongating effect.

How to fashionably wear cropped pants

3. Style and fit – unfortunately, not every pair of cropped pants you’ll be able to find on the shelves and racks of your favorite stores today will give you the most stylish and up to date look so it’s important to really take your time and find snazzy styles and, of course, the perfect fit. You don’t want your cropped pants to be too baggy because that’ll just be one heck of a throwback to 90s fashion. You wouldn’t also want it to be too tight that it gets uncomfortable being in them after a few hours or so.

 How to fashionably wear cropped pants

4. Try adding some color – if you’re still not sure how you can give cropped pants a modern take; why not try wearing them in color? It’s perfect for transitioning seasons and it sure is going to make your whole look more up to date and fabulous. This is perfect if you’re looking for a nice splash of color for your outfit or if you simply want to liven and brighten things up.

How to fashionably wear cropped pants

5. Try prints – if plain and solid colors just aren’t enough for you to get that modern look, you can also try wearing your cropped pants with fun and quirky print and pattern designs. Floral prints are very summery so they’re perfect for adding that nice tropical look to your outfit but other classic prints like stripes, polka dots and checkered pattern are great too. If you want more detail and color, you can also try getting your hands on tribal print cropped pants.




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