Pretty in A Pinch: 5 Tips to Cut Down Time in Your Beauty Routine

Mornings are the worst! We’ve all had those days where putting on makeup just isn’t as appealing as hitting the snooze button and sleeping in for a few more minutes. To help you with those days, we’ve listed some makeup shortcuts that will make a world of a difference while you’re heading out the door:

Get pretty in a pinch and try these 5 tips to cut down time in your beauty routine:

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1. Target the Skin

Your skin is a tell-all sign of whether you’re having a good makeup day or not. The key is to take care of the skin first before covering up. Don’t forget to apply SPF and moisturizer, or better yet, use a tinted moisturizer that nourishes the skin and gives you a natural glow. Setting your base for makeup is so important because if it’s not right, the rest won’t be either.


2. Fill in the brows

Eyebrows literally frame the face.  Brows will make your eyes look more awake, add structure to the face, and balance out any facial features that are dominant – like a strong jaw or big nose. This photo-shopped picture of Selena Gomez without eyebrows shows that even the most beautiful of celebrities rely on full brows to complete their look.


3. Load up the mascara

When you’re in a makeup rut, there’s no need to apply eye shadow primer, a lid color, crease color, and highlighter. Mascara can make your eyes look done-up and polished if you take the time to curl the lashes and double the coats.


4. Pinched cheeks

A little color to the face can instantly make you look more alive, but when you’re not in a makeup mood, the last thing you want to do is pull out a brush and a blush. Try pinching your cheeks before you head out the door to give you a natural flush.


5. Go glossy

Naked lips on an otherwise polished face can be a dead giveaway that you were going for a no-makeup makeup look and neglected one crucial feature. Complete the look with a lip balm or gloss to add some shine and moisture.


Looking pretty in a pinch is as easy as five products or fewer! Good luck!


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