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What You Really Should Be Doing After Your Workout

So, you just spent an hour at the gym working out your legs, arms, and of course your core, ready for a nap? Think again before you drive home and turn into a couch potato in an effort to “relax”. What you do after you work out is just as important as the exercise itself.

Stretch: During the last five minutes of your heavy cardio workout, bring the pace down to a walk for at least five minutes to let your heart rate catch up and calm down before getting back to everyday life. Immediately after exercising, cool down with muscle lengthening stretches. Try these popular stretches that target all of your major muscle groups: Forward Bend, Runner’s Lunge, Upward Dog, and Leg Bend Twist.

Hydrate & Refuel: While it may seem counterproductive to eat if you’re working out to lose weight, however, consuming healthy calories won’t replace the fat your just burned but they will repair and refuel your body for increased benefits. First and foremost, hydrate to make up for the lost fluids. If you worked out for under an hour you should be good with basic water, but if you worked out longer, very intensely, or sweat a lot go for a super hydrating smoothie made with electrolyte charged coconut water.  Try this one for a yummy treat that’s super healthy for you!

Keep Moving: While it’s easy enough to come home, take a relaxing shower (which will totally soothe your muscles plus keep you feeling nice and fresh), and start surfing the web, remember to stay active after allowing yourself a small break. It’s important to keep your body engaged and not go straight back to a sedentary lifestyle or else your muscles may ache even more and start to cramp up. Tip: if you are prone to muscle cramps eat a banana and have a full glass of water to infuse your body with potassium that will ease cramps and the fluid will flush harmful toxins.

While exercising is an important part of living a healthy life be sure to give just as much credit to the rest of the process after your workout is done. Stretch, hydrate, refuel, rest, and keep moving is the best formula to follow for a simple yet effective workout routine.


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