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EasyGo Dispenser Review

Living a healthy lifestyle includes working out and eating right. However, we don’t always have time to cook full nutritional meals, so once in a while we need a quick fix. Protein shakes are a healthy snack, or meal replacement, that won’t knock your healthy train off track. In fact, protein shakes can actually aid in weight loss. Protein helps you feel fuller longer, helps rebuild your muscles and recharge your body after a workout. It’s also a vital nutrient for healthy hair, skin and nails!

Unfortunately, protein usually comes in big bulky containers, which aren’t so convenient for life on the go. Thankfully, I came across and found this product called the EasyGo Dispenser! The EasyGo Dispenser is a portable protein powder dispenser that is a super convenient option which lets you store and carry your protein so that you can have a mess free shake wherever you are.

The EasyGo Dispenser will store 180-200 grams of protein powder (or any other drink powder) and will dispense a perfect 15 gram serving into any water bottle with a twist of one knob. I really liked this because it was mess free and the top of the dispenser fit perfectly into all my water bottles and shaker cups. All I had to do was flip the EGD PRO upside down, point it into my water bottle, and twist the knob. A perfect sized portion of protein went into my water bottle, and it was super clean and easy.

Here a pictures of this easy process:

EasyGo Dispenser


This product is not only great for anyone who loves to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but is also a great option for any military personnel or outdoor enthusiast. To find out more, or purchase this product, you can visit their website also has a product called EasyGo Baby which is a baby formula dispenser which I though was a really cool and convenient idea for moms and nannies!


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