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How to Apply Long Lasting Makeup

We’ve all been there. You spend hours getting ready and leave the house flaunting your new eye shadow and lip gloss. Soon enough, you catch a glimpse of yourself walking past a bathroom mirror and are completely and utterly shocked. That is NOT what I thought I looked like when I left the house! AHH!

Next time you want to go out and dance up a storm without having your makeup slip, slide and flake, take these few tips into consideration and learn how to apply long lasting makeup.

To keep your makeup on lockdown:

1. Take the time to prime: Primer smooths out your skin tone, evens out patches, covers up redness, and makes your face and eye makeup last so much longer. It also makes the colors in your eye shadow look more vibrant and much nicer!

2. Do your eye makeup first: Prep your skin and then start your eye makeup. This way, you can lean on and touch your face without messing up the rest of your makeup. This also allows you to wipe away any of the loose eye shadow that falls under your eyes easily.

3. Use a setting powder: Use a Dermablend Dermablend Loose Setting Powder – Original, 1 oz under your eyes, on your t-zone and around your chin to prevent smudging and oil buildup.

4. Use a setting spray: After you’ve finished applying all your makeup, spray your face from 6-8 inches away with a Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, .50 oz. NEW. This will keep your makeup lasting so much longer, and won’t let it melt away in the heat.

5. If you have oily skin: Avoid a stick or mousse blush and opt for a powder blush. Mousse blush will slide right off your skin and can also make it look even oilier than it is!

6.Lip liner: To make your lipstick last longer, first use lip liner to line your lips like you normally would, and then use the pencil to fill in your lips like you would with a lipstick. Then, apply your lipstick. Doing this gives your lipstick something to adhere to, for longer lasting color.






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