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Revlon 1875 Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Revlon 1875 Ionic Hair Dryer Review: A Blow Dryer That Blows…

A couple weeks ago my blow dryer died right in the middle of me doing my hair. I had to quickly run out and buy a replacement. I went shopping without doing my research beforehand. Standing there staring at the numerous different options, trying to hurry back home, I decided to make a decision based on one cardinal rule that I lean on all too often– when in doubt, go with the prettiest one!

Usually this reasoning only leads me to make great decisions – I swear! However, this time it completely failed me. Among all the black and silver blow dryers, stood one hot pink blow dryer – the Revlon RVDR5045 Quite Pro Ionic Hair Dryer.

My, oh my, did I choose wrong! Not only did this Revlon blow dryer slightly split in half ONE DAY after I purchased it, but the diffuser falls off every 2 seconds, leaving me to chase after it. SO FRUSTRATING!  It also started to quickly die within one week of use.

They named it “Revlon Professional Ionic Quiet Pro Dryer 1875 Watt,” but to call it quiet is completely misleading.

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