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The Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape


Ladies, you’d be amazed how big of a difference your eyebrow shape can make on your entire face! Having the wrong eyebrows for your shape face can make your eyes appear smaller and make your face appear wider than it should– eek!

With so many shapes out there, it can get confusing to know which one is best for you. Follow these guidelines and you’re on your way to having the perfect eyebrows for your face shape:


Oval Face: 


Description: Wider forehead, prominent cheekbones.
Your Perfect Eyebrows:  An oval face is the one shape that can pull off most brows! Soft angled eyebrows look great on you!

Long Face: 

Description: Elongated feature from forehead to chin.
Your Perfect eyebrows: Your goal is to make your face appear shorter. Your best bet is to go for  flat/straight eyebrows. Avoid arches and stick to thicker brows. A very low arch will help open your face sideways.

Round Face: 
Ginnifer Goodwin

Description: The width and length of your face are almost the same, you’re widest at the cheeks.
Your Perfect eyebrows: Your goal is to make your face appear longer. A high arch will help open the eyes and elongate the face, creating a more oval look. Up and down lines help draw the eyes up and down your face. You want to keep your eyebrows at a medium thickness and avoid rounded brows.

Square face: 
Heidi Klum

Description: Forehead cheekbones and jawline are almost the same width. You usually have a prominent and square jawline.
Your Perfect eyebrows: Your goal is to soften and balance out your strong jawline. The stronger the jawline, the more angled brow shape you want to create.  Avoid dramatic arches and go for thicker brows. You want to align the peak of your brow with the widest angle of your jaw.

Heart face: 

Description: Your forehead is the most prominent feature.
Your Perfect eyebrows:  To soften your strong, pointy chin and prominent forehead, start with a low, round arch and avoid straight eyebrows.

Diamond face: 
Diamond Face Shape

Description: A highly angular face, widest at the temples.
Your Perfect eyebrows: Soften your whole face with curved eyebrows. The curves will soften your angled face and reduce the widest part.

To learn how to tweeze your eyebrows yourself like a pro, click here!

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