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How to Create Ombre Lips


Ombre is one of the biggest trends in 2013. It’s everywhere! Ombre hair, ombre nails and ombre lips surfaced out of nowhere and made appearances on all your favorite celebs and idols. Naturally, everyone is going to start jumping on the bandwagon and donning this trend.

Not sure how to create ombre lips? Don’t worry; you’re only a few easy steps away from making your pout standout!

Step 1: Use a soft tooth brush and gently brush your lips in small circles to remove any dead skin. This also makes lipstick last longer.

Step 2: Pick three different shades of the same color. (Ex: Light, medium & dark pink)

Step 3: Use the medium shade like you normally would.

Step 4: Using a lip brush for precision, outline your lips with the darkest shade. (Note: You could swap the darkest lipstick for a lip liner if you’re not so comfy with a lip brush).

Step 5: Highlight the center of your lips with the lightest shade.

Step 6: Blend, blend, blend!


Voila! You’ve now mastered the latest beauty trend! Keep in mind that you don’t always have to use shades in the same color. If you’re feeling spontaneous, you could create ombre lips with different colors like pink and orange!

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