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Pinterest Inspired Nail Trends


Fun designs and mismatched nails are all the hype this year. Eye-catching nails have actually become one of the hottest ways to accessories your outfits! Everything from light, chic colors to dramatized over-the-top designs have emerged in the past couple seasons more than ever before.

Below are a couple of my favorite designs which have gone viral through Pinterest, and for good reason!


  • All nude nails with a fun design on the ring finger is an ultra-chic way to add a little something to a classic look.


  • Bold colors and over-the-top diamond accents are a great way to show off your fashionista personalityjewels
  • Gel bow designs are super trendy this season. Gel designs also last way longer and won’t fall off like other stick on accents.
  • Bold stripes aren’t only in when it comes to clothes this year!
  • Spice up that traditional French Manicure with a peacock inspired design on your ring finger to make it more playful.
  • Partial glitter on nude nails – ultra fab!
  • Reverse French Manicure with a pretty pink and glitter. A super girly fun design that’s perfect for summer!
  • Platinum nails – need I say more?
  • These nails scream summer fun!
    summer nails
  • Round nails are super trendy this season. All the celebs are donning them and they were incorporated in numerous fashion runway shows this year.
  • Pop of color – or glitter



What’s your favorite nail trend?




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