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Troubleshooting Concealer Problems


Concealer is supposed to cover blemishes and hide your skin’s dirty little secrets. It’s not supposed to stand out and be noticeable. Unfortunately, sometimes concealer isn’t so undetectable.

Read these solutions to common concealer problems, and you’ll be on your way to flawless looking skin in no time!


If your concealer creases: Use primer before you apply your concealer. Then, set the concealer by sweeping loose powder over it to lock in place.


If your concealer is too light: Sometimes when we get a tan, our concealer becomes way too light and stands out more than covers. In this case, VERY LIGHTLY dust a HINT of bronzer or a darker powder to warm up the area. Keywords: VERY LIGHTLY!


If your concealer looks cakey: The skin underneath your eyes is very thin and needs to be hydrated. To avoid your concealer setting in your fine lines, apply a heavy eye cream every night. Also, apply the eye cream in the mornings before you apply your concealer. Still caking into your fine lines? Wait a couple minutes, and then use a Q-tip to blot the excess product.


If your concealer looks too thick: You need to apply more eye cream underneath. You can also try to warm it up by placing the concealer on your finger and rubbing it together for a little. Some full coverage concealers are much thicker than foundation, so this will make your concealer come on smoother and glide on easier.


If your concealer looks greasy: You need to apply less eye cream.





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