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11 Tips to Look Better In Pictures


I know I’m not the only one who gets a minor panic attack every time I get a notification from Facebook saying that I’ve been tagged in a picture.  Not all of us are as photogenic as others, but that doesn’t mean that you’re forever doomed to horrific pictures.

Here are a few tips to help you look better in pictures. Keep these in mind before your next girls night photo-shoot and you’ll look a little more like Adriana Lima and less like Courtney Love.

1. Mattes

  • To avoid having the camera flash reflect extra light on your face and make you look oily, opt for matte cosmetics instead of products that have shimmer in them.

2. Use black mascara & eyeliner

  • You want to make your eyes pop out more in pictures, so use black mascara and eyeliner to create a greater contrast.

3. Pop of color

  • Make your best feature stand out with a pop of color. Got voluptuous lips? Rock a bold red lip.

4. Practice makes perfect

  • Practice posing in front of a mirror – behind closed, locked doors – to see how you should position your face. Figure out what angle works for you and what poses make you look slimmer.

5. Tone your arms instantly

  • Posing with your hand on your hip can make your arm instantly look more toned. Otherwise, your arm can look way bigger than it is – eek!

6. False lashes

  • No matter how long your natural eyelashes are, false lashes work WONDERS when it comes to pictures! Make your eyes stand out more and look bigger with falsies.

7. Angle yourself towards the camera

  • Standing straight facing the camera you tend to look your widest. Instead, angle your body and feet away from the camera and then tilt yourself towards the camera.
  • Place your weight on your back foot.
  • Always position your eyes towards the light.

8. Ditch the double chin

  • Stand up straight, elongate your neck and push your chin out a little to avoid the dreaded double chin.

9. Barely touching

  • If you plan on hugging someone or going for a pose where your hands are framing your face, remember to BARELY touch your face. Actually leaning on your face will distort your face and give you extra chub or wrinkles.

10. Avoid direct sunlight

  • Direct sunlight causes unflattering shadows.

11. Position your tongue

  • Keep your tongue behind the center of your upper teeth to help relax your face.



Don’t forget to be confident and have fun with your poses! Xx



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