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Hair Color Trends


If you’re like me, you get bored very easily and area always looking to change something. One of the easiest and quickest things to change is your makeup/hair color. Every year a there is usually a new hair color tecnique that’s trending, which makes it easy to get inspiration for when you want to experiment with your look.

Not sure what you’re going to try next? Here are some of the trending hair coloring trends, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration:



Ombre Hair images (5)
Ombré hair is one of the newest coloring techniques. It’s when your hair is darker at the root and lighter at the ends. You can work this look whether you have blonde or brown locks.


Funky ends
Pink Ends

Die the tips of your hair a different color.  Reds, blues, pinks, purple, blonde and mixed colorful ends are trending.




Auburn is a beautiful reddish brown color similar to chestnut, but more on the red side. This color usually goes better with fair skin tones.


Cool chestnut

Chestnut is a medium reddish shade of brown. In contrast to auburn hair, the reddish shade of chestnut is darker. It goes with almost every skin tone.


Multi-dimensional brown 

multi dimensional brown hair
Multi-dimensional brown hair is all about applying a few different shades of brown on separate portions of hair. It gives your hair multi-dimensional shades.



balayage hair

Balayage is a technique in which color is applied in swooping strokes away from the roots. Usually it is more around the face for highlighting your the layers in a very natural looking kind of way.



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