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How To Clean Stirling Silver Jewelery At Home

Sterling silver jewelery tends to turn black and tarnish after some time since it  is a less stable metal than gold and oxidizes because of humidity, perfumes, and skin care products. We’ve tested this remedy that will help you clean your silver jewelery at home and make it as shiny as new. All the ingredients you need are already available in your kitchen.

Here is how to clean stirling silver jewelery at home:

Warning: Do not use this proces on jewelery that has stones embedded with glue.

Things you will need:

White Viniger: 1/2 cup
Plan Salt: 1/2 cup
Washing Powder: 1/2 cup
Water: 2 cups
Brush: For cleaning



1. Take a sauce pan and pour the vinegar, salt, washing powder and water together and bring to a boil.

2. Next, put your jewelery in the sauce pan and boil it for 3-4 minutes then turn the stove off and leave it for 2-3 hours.

3. Take your jewelery out of it and brush it clean with washing powder thoroughly and wash it.

How To Clean Stirling Silver Jewelery At Home-

Tip: Store stirling silver jewelery in plastic sealed bag for long lasting shiny silver color.


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