Tutorial: Cheetah Print Nail Art


Animal print nail art is in style now-a-days. It might look very tough to do but in reality it is NOT! It’s actually extremely simple. Want to learn to master this quick and easy cheetah print nail art yourself without fancy nail art brushes? Check out the steps below:

Easy and quick cheetah print nail art in 3 steps using normal nail polish brush:

Things you would need: 3 Nail polishes: Any 2 colours of your choice and 1 black. [ We used blue, orange and black ]

Step 1:

Apply the nail polish neatly. Try to apply it as perfectly as you can. If you are not sure what is the right way of applying nail polish then you should definitely check out our article on “How to apply nail polish perfectly in 12 easy steps” by clicking HERE.

Blue nail polish

Let the nail polish dry completely.

Step 2:

Now put some small drops of nail polish randomly to make small spots. You can see how I have done it in the picture below:

Toturial Cheetah print nail art- blue and orange spots

Let these spots  dry.

Step 3:

Now use your black nail polish brush and roughly outline the spots. Always remember to wipe off any excess nail polish from the brush to get precision. You can see the close up in the picture below to see how I have done it:

Toturial Cheetah print nail art- blue and orange- close up

And voila! You have amazing cheetah print nail art! Try them right now!

Toturial Cheetah print nail art- blue and orange- final look

And don’t forget to let me know how you liked them or if you have any questions, you can always ask me in comments below..

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