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Best Mobile Phones For Women

In this day and age, we are living in a digital world where cell phones are attached to everyones hands. Mobile carriers are in the ultimate competition and always trying to have the latest and greatist smart phone. With so many different operating systems in the mix, it can get confusing for a shopper to narrow it down to one. Which phone should you choose to be your newest accessory?

Here is a list of the best smart phones in 2014:


[List is in no particular order]

1. Samsung Galaxy S5, White 16GB (AT&T)

Samsung Galaxy S5

2. HTC One M8, Amber Gold 32GB (AT&T)

HTC One M8


3. Apple iPhone 5s 16GB 4G LTE Champagne Gold – AT&T

Apple Iphone 5S


4. Motorola Moto G – Universal 4G LTE – Unlocked – 8GB (White)

Motorola Moto G

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