Health Benefits Of Apples


An apple a day keeps the doctor away….and here is why:

Health Benefits of Apples:

  1. Contain all the nutrients required for normal growth.
  2. Low in calories but rich in dietary fibers, and help protect the mucus membrane of colon from toxic substance.
  3. Rich in vitamin C, which helps develops resistance against infectious agents.
  4. Contain minerals like potassium and phosphorus.
  5. Provides calcium which is very important for bones .
  6. Good source of B-complex vitamin.
  7. Good for the treatment of anaemia, dysentery, eye disorder, heart disease, headache and kidney stones.
  8. Reduce the chances of stroke, asthma an diabetes II.
  • Green apples are good for teeth and bones and make them strong.
  • Yellow apples are good for heart, immune system and reduce risk of cancer.
  • Red apples are good for memory function and urinary tract.


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