How To Apply lipstick Perfectly


Applying lipstick can sometimes be tough, especially when the lipstick you want to apply is in a dark shade. Here are some simple steps to teach you how to apply lipstick perfectly.


1. Prepare your lips:
If your lips are dry, chapped and have cracks in them then obviously the lipstick won’t look good, no matter how hard you try. So before you start applying the lipstick take care of your dry, hard and chapped lips and soften them by moisturising with some lip balm. Click HERE to see more tips on how to treat dry and chapped lips.

2. Choose a lipstick:
Not all lipstick shades look good on everyone. Your skin color is what  determines what  lipstick shades are right for you. The best way to find out what shade suits you and what shade does not, is to experiment.

A general rule is that brunettes and redheads should wear warmer deeper colours and blonds should wear light shades to compliment their skin tone -wearing darker shades can make their skin look quite pale. Orange, corals or brown shades tend to make teeth appear yellowish. A shade which has a hint of blue in it will make your teeth look whiter!

3. Apply lip liner:
If you want your lipstick to last longer then you should always fill in your lips with the lip liner as a base first. NEVER use a dark liner with light lipstick. Dark liner and light lips is tacky and simply looks horrible. Its a big fashion ‘NO NO’! You can always use a nude liner when you are using light shade of lipstick.

4. Apply lipstick:
How you apply lipstick depends on what you find easy to do. Some women put the lipstick directly on to their lips from the stick or tube, while some use special lipstick brushes. Choose what’s right and easy for you. Experiment and practice! If you are using a brush then make sure that the brush is dry and clean.

Start from the center of the lips and draw the brush or stick outwards to the lip line. Fill in your entire lips with color.

5. Blot the lips:
Blot your lips with a tissue so that the color doesn’t end up on your teeth.


8. Lip gloss:
You can always apply a little lip gloss as a final touch. Apply a bit of gloss in the middle of your lips and spread it out.


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