12 Easy Nail Care Tips


Want to know how to take care of your nails to make them healthy, smooth and shiny? Check out these 12 easy nail care tips:

1. Avoid using acetone based polish removers as they damage the nails.

2. Don’t remove the cuticle from the nail because it will make the nails more vulnerable to infections. Instead push the cuticles back using good quality cuticle oil and an orangewood stick.

3. Keep your body and nails hydrated by drinking lots of water.

4. Eat alot of fresh vegetables, as they contain the minerals which are necessary to keep nails shiny and healthy. Foods rich in calcium and protein help promote healthy and strong nails. Biotin and Vitamin E are also essential for healthy nails. In short eating healthy leads to healthy skin, nails and the body as a whole!

5. Let your nails breathe and avoid using nail polish too frequently. Leave them without polish for a few days or else an ugly yellow tint will develop on the nails.

6. If you bite your nails then STOP immediately. It will not only damage your nails and cuticles but will also make the nails and YOU more vulnerable to infections and many diseases.

7. Always use rubber gloves while doing dishes or working with detergents in order to protect your nails from harsh chemicals which can damage your nails.

8. Massage your nails with hand cream or oil to maintain a proper blood flow in your fingers.

9. To harden your soft nails soak them in warm oil (almond oil, olive oil etc) for about 15-20 minutes every other day.

10. Always apply a base coat before applying a nailpolish, as wearing dark shades of nail paint often discolour the natural nail color.

11. Always dry the nails after washing your hands or showering. Apply lotion, petroleum jelly or oil on your nails because soaps and shampoos makes them dry.

12. If you have dry and brittle nails, soak them in a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Soak your nails in this for 15 minutes, twice a week.


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