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10 Easy Steps To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly


Everyone wants to know how to apply nail polish perfectly because no one would like the your ‘best-nail-polish-colour-in-the-world-and-I-am-glad-that-I-have-it’ nail polish colour if it is applied badly. You can get away if black if not that perfect but with colours like green, blue etc, the not-so-perfectness would be noticed easily [and we all know these colours are quite in fashion now a days!]. Even though I totally believe that the ‘perfection’ comes with practice but still there are some tips and tricks that can make applying nail polish really easy and well ‘close to perfect’!

So here are 10 easy steps that will teach you how to apply nail polish perfectly and make it look as if some professional applied it!

1. Remove the old nail polish completely using cotton balls and non acetone nail polish remover. Always use a non acetone nail polish remover because acetone is too harsh and can damage nails.

2. Clean your hands thoroughly. Wash your hands with the hand soap and be sure to remove all the remover from your nails.

3. Let your nails dry completely before you start the nail polish application process.

4. First apply a single base coat. Let it dry completely.

5. Now gently roll the nail polish bottle between your two palms in order to mix the nail polish before applying. Do not to shake the bottle because this can create bubbles and they might transfer to your fingernails.

6. Dip the brush inside the nail polish bottle and wipe the excess nail polish off on the rim of the bottle to avoid applying too much polish on the nail.

7. Then start applying the nail polish by stroking the nail polish through the center of the nail from base to tip. As you begin at the base of the nail, paint one streak down to the middle of your nail. Paint another stroke down to the left side of the streak and another stroke down to the right side of the streak. Repeat this step on all of your nails. If ever you miss a small spot, then don’t try to fix it on your first coating as you can cover it while doing the second coating.

8. Let the nail polish dry completely..

9. Now apply the second coat in the same way as you did the first coat and cover up any small spot that you missed.

10. Apply a clear nail polish as a top coat to each nail. This will give a shiner look to the nail polish. This will also make the nail colour last longer.

And voila! You have applied the nail polish perfectly on your own. Now flaunt that beautiful nail polish colour in style!

So have you tired these steps? If yes, then did you get your perfect finish?


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