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7 Must Try Ice Creams


Here are 7 must have ice creams, one should give them a chance, just once. I am sure you’ll like them!

1. Dark chocolate ice cream
I know that almost all the people (except the people who don’t like chocolate) must have eaten dark chocolate ice cream once in their lifetime. But as this one is a must try I had to include this in the list.

2. Lime ice cream
Yup! you read it right. Lime ice cream is an unconventional flavour of ice cream which I think everybody should give a try once in their life. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with its sweet/sour taste.

3. Kulfa ice cream
Kulfa ice cream is an Indian/Pakistani traditional speciality. It is has a very creamy texture with ground and chopped nuts and is very rich in taste. Its definitely a must try.

4. Coconut ice cream
Its a very common flavour and is liked by alot of people. But the thing that is irresistible about this ice cream is its creamy texture which is complemented by coconut powder. Yet another must try.

5. Grape ice cream
Give your taste buds something new and interesting the next time you visit an ice cream shop. Grape ice cream is a great mix of sweet and sour flavours that will brighten up your mood in an instant.

6. Snow Cone
Different fruit syrups are poured on crushed ice and topped with alot of different things i.e condensed milk and nuts etc. I think every person on this planet should try this once. I guarantee that 90% of the people who are going to have it once will fall in love with it.

7. Tutti Frutti
In my view tutti frutii is the king of all ice creams. A great combination of dried fruits, fresh fruits, fruit syrups and jelly. It is the ultimate treat which can bring a smile on the face of the saddest of souls.


How do you like this list and have you ever tried any one of these ice creams? Tell us how you liked them!

Have we missed out any MUST TRY ICE CREAM flavour? If so, then tell us in comments!

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