Chocolate Strawberry Trifle Recipe

If you are a chocolate lover and want to know how to make chocolate strawberry trifle, then here is an easy, quick and yummy chocolate strawberry trifle recipe:

Serving for 2


Brownies: 2, cut in half inch slices (any brownie you want)
Chocolate Custard: 1 cup
Sweetened whipped cream: 1 cup
Chocolate bar: 1 cup, chopped (You can use cadbury dairy milk fruit and nut)
Fresh strawberries: 1 cup, sliced


Take serving glasses, bowls or cups. First add a layer of cream, then a slice of brownie, followed by a layer of custard. Put a layer of strawberry slices, then put chopped chocolate. Finally put a layer of cream on the top and garnish it with chopped chocolate and strawberries. Viola! Your delicious, mouth watering chocolate strawberry triffle is ready! Enjoy..


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