6 Best Face Washes For Acne


Do you have acne prone skin? Want a good oil free anti-acne face wash? Then look no further – we have made a list of the 6 Best Face Washes (with prices and details) according to YOUR skin type. Check them out!


1. Clinique’s Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam.

Price: $18.50

The first step in Clinique’s Acne Solutions Clear Skin System. Mild, medicated cleansing foam helps clear and prevent acne. Removes dirt and excess oil. Unclogs pores. Calms, soothes, visibly reduces redness. Skin feels soft, smooth, comfortable.

Skin Types: All 4.2 fl. oz./125 ml


2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Foam Wash

6 fl oz .  Price: $7.99


Oil-Free Acne Stress Control® Power-Foam Wash is so advanced it treats acne even before it emerges. It cleans deep into pores, clears oil instantly and fights breakouts fast, while reducing redness and irritation.

This rich foam penetrates deep into the pores to clear skin. Its breakthrough MicroClear® technology is clinically proven to boost the delivery of acne medicine, unclogging congested pores and speeding treatment deep and fast to the source where breakouts begin. It’s so advanced it treats acne even before it emerges. What’s more, naturally derived skin-soothers, green tea and cucumber, help reduce redness and irritation, leaving skin calmer and looking stress free.Non-irritating. MicroClear®


3. Olay Acne Control Face Wash

A salicylic acid acne cleanser that helps eliminate most acne blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

Product Information

Olay Acne Control Face Wash is a salicylic acid acne cleanser that immediately minimizes excess oil and impurities that can clog pores. It fights blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts.

Add Olay Acne Control Face Wash to your skin care routine to: Cleanse deeply and eliminate most acne blemishes for consistently clear skin and Immediately minimize excess oil and impurities

Oil-Free. Residue-Free.


4. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash By Johnson & Johnson

12 fl oz (355 ml)  Price: $7.99

Clinically Shown Gentle as Water. Soap Free. Oil-Free. Hypoallergenic. Won’t Clog Pores.

Dermatologist recommended for effective yet gentle cleansing.  Cleanses without drying or irritating. This foaming cleanser is 100% soap-free, so it removes dirt, oil and make-up without stripping or drying like soap can.  And it won’t sting your eyes, so it’s ideal for removing eye make-up.  It won’t clog pores.  Unlike some cleansers, Purpose® Gentle Cleansing Wash is 100% oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or leave residue.  Even those with sensitive skin can use it twice a day for a healthy looking, healthy feeling complexion.


5. CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE® 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash

Innovative formula treats acne now and helps prevent future breakouts later

Price: $ 8.49

CLEAN & CLEAR® ADVANTAGE® 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash goes beyond cleansing to treat acne as you wash, while working to help prevent future breakouts. The innovative formula combines ACELERA™ Complex, a breakthrough oil dissolving technology with the acne-fighting ingredient Salicylic Acid, to thoroughly cleanse skin and helps prevent future breakouts.


6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

6 fl oz . Price: $7.99


The #1 dermatologist recommended acne-fighting cleanser-Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash now comes with an uplifting blast of pink grapefruit! With maximum strength Salicylic Acid acne medicine boosted by MicroClear® technology, Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash powerfully treats and helps prevent breakouts—even blackheads. This unique formula contains 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C. It eliminates oil and dirt, and rinses clean without over-drying.

Oil-free. Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). MicroClear®. Salicylic Acid.



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