7 cheap things to decorate a party with



1. Balloons:
You can buy balloons in various colors and shapes from anywhere. They are really cheap but they make your party more lively and colorful.



2. Decorative Lights:
Decorative lights are important in party decor. Who doesn’t like a glowing party? Now a days there are so many different kinds of lights in different shapes, sizes, styles and colors .



3. Under Table Lights:
Under table lights look great and give life to party. Again not expensive at all just! Choose light colors according to your party theme and put them under the table.



4. Decorative Curtains:
Available everyehere in different kind i.e with beads, mirrors, artificial stones etc.



5. Paper Flowers:
Paper flowers are so cheap that everyone can afford them.



6. Paper Lanterns:
Not expensive at all and are easy to hang.



7. Ribbons:






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