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Quick and Easy Mixed Bean Salad


Can of mixed beans: 1Olive oil: 3-4 tbs

White Vinegar: 2-3 tbs

Spring Onion (whole with green part): 1 Finely chopped

Tomato: 2 medium finely chopped

Lettuce: 1/2 cup finely chopped

Mint: 2 tbs finely chopped

Oregano: 1 pinch

Basel: 1 pinch

Sugar (optional): 1/2 tsp

Salt: 1 tsp (according to taste)

Ground Black Pepper: 1/3 tsp

Drain the can of beans and put in a large bowl. Put chopped spring onion, tomato, lettuce, mint in the bowl and mix well with the beans. For dressing -mix oil, vinegar, oregano, basel, sugar, salt and black pepper in a separate cup, stir it well, and pour on vegetables. Mix and enjoy!



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